Ennio Arosio


Well-known designer on the Italian scene. Active since the ’70s in the furnishing field, he regularly collaborates with national and international brands. For him, designing means starting from the interpretation of reality and the study of needs and desires, taking inspiration from suggestions and emotions. He is convinced that design is everywhere: in a rock, in a drop, in a smile, in a sound. The job of the designer is to identify these sources of inspiration and interpret them. His work is directed in two main directions: research and everyday life. In other words, theory and practice. His creations are concrete and aimed at satisfying the needs of modern life, always evolving. Because social and cultural change is ever faster and trends ever more indistinct. His projects are characterised by their clean design, attention to detail and the use of quality materials. He has known how to overcome geographical and cultural barriers combining Western pragmatism with the typical sensitivity of the Orient. Consultant in all areas of furnishing to numerous businesses in the sector, he attends to the entire creative process in research and development of market strategies, from product definition to trade fair fittings, from the design of exhibition areas to communications.




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